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The Labyrinth Center Stop Smoking Program

At the Labyrinth Center, we utilize a program adapted from the one designed by Dr. Richard Harte, a noted psychologist and hypnotherapist in New York City.

This program is composed of four sessions. Hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic psychology and educational information are used to facilitate making the transition from being a smoker to becoming a non-smoker.

This program:

-- combines visualized aversion and enticement
-- provides conditioned response restructuring
-- teaches the technique of self-hypnosis
-- teaches you to reduce and eliminate cravings
-- provides educational materials and resources
-- does not quit for you . . . you must do the work

A Combined Effort:

The Labyrinth Center staff works with you while you are stopping smoking and eliminating both your physical and emotional ties to smoking.

Our Responsibilities:

-- to listen to you and structure the program to fit your individual needs
-- be available for all scheduled appointments and provide necessary instruction, handouts and guidance

Your Responsibilities:

-- stop smoking at the end of the first session
-- call the hypnotist if you are experiencing difficulties . . . before you light up
-- practice the exercises you are given
-- be on time for all scheduled appointments. Please telephone if you will be late or call if you need to cancel.
(All missed appointments not canceled 24 hours prior are subject to a $10 fee) 

What To Expect:

-- First Session This begins with an extensive intake as well as an inventory of your smoking habits. A hypnosis session will follow which will enhance and strengthen your own resolve to stop smoking. You will learn the first step in self-hypnosis and receive a helpful handout with information and tips to facilitate your success. (2 hours)

-- Second Session A brief inventory of any problems or concerns is followed by a second hypnosis session designed to address these issues. The second step in self-hypnosis is taught. (1 hour)

-- Third Session Following another inventory, the session will reinforce the client's success and address any areas of difficulty. The third step in self-hypnosis is taught. The client is given an individualized audio-tape as an aid to their resolve. (1 hour)

-- Fourth Session This follow-up session completes the program. Any areas needing attention are addressed. (1 hour) Additional sessions may be scheduled at a reduced rate should the client so desire.


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